Digital media is transforming the way we interact and view the past. I took this class in order to expand my knowledge on what digital history consists of. Digital history is changing how we access information as we go from paper to digital copies, making history more accessible to anyone and everyone around the world. As a current SDSU student, I have had the opportunity to complete a vast array of research, interpret, evaluate, present theories, and inform others of certain topics; the internet has been an important factor in helping me accomplish these tasks. This class has taught me that digital history is the best way to gain and share information, as well as access documents that are extremely rare. If I wanted a book from the Bancroft Library in Berkeley, I would simply need to visit their digital collection and access the information from there.

Taking this class has opened my eyes on the ways in which we can transform how we teach history through a digital platform. A collaborative project that I am currently working on with my classmates is a digital map of the Lambda archives tour in Hillcrest, San Diego. This is the first of many digital projects I hope to tackle and I definitely recommend anyone with a passion for history to take a digital history class, you will not regret it.