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News and Highlights in a Digital Age

Meet the Newest DH Center Student ASsistants

This spring, the DH Center welcomed three new student assistants to the team. They'll be working to develop new tutorials for us focused on Scalar, a tool designed for nonlinear narrative. Learn more at our Teach DH website. Mik Knight Hi! My name is Mik and I am a...

Introduction to the World of E-Lit

Brent Ameneyro – DH E-lit Programs Assistant One of the barriers I’ve encountered when introducing E-Lit to traditional writers is navigating the vast (and sometimes intimidating) landscape. To help with this challenge, I have curated a few resources to educate and...

Our DH Showcase Statement

Honoring our Experience as Rationale for Cancellation The annual Digital Humanities Showcase and Electronic Literature Competition is the culminating moment of DH@SDSU’s academic year. Part celebration of the DH projects faculty and students create in diverse classes...

Spotlight Interview: Brenda Taulbee

Brenda Taulbee graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from San Diego State University in 2019. She now works at Savvy Agency as the Content Director, where she manages a small team of digital content writers in addition to her own creative production. ...

An Interview with Former DH Assistant, Tina Lumbis

Tina Lumbis graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from San Diego State University in 2019. She now works in Marketing. Tina was first introduced to Digital Humanities and digital literature through Dr. Jessica Pressman’s coursework. Tina dove into DH and served as...

DH@SDSU Emerging as Leader in Podcasting

The History of Podcasting at DH@SDSU DH@SDSU supported podcasting long before the DH Center opened in late 2017/early 2018. Working with faculty in their classes, DH Librarian Dr. Pam Lach helped students learn to create podcasts for their course assignments. As...

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The Digital Humanities Initiative at SDSU seeks to promote critical engagement by providing a hub for strategic innovation and collaboration across campus.

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