The arc/DH@SDSU electronic literature program saw students charging into concepts of technology and multimodality and examining how artists can use different pieces of media in order to create entirely new works. Students got their fingers wet with Inanimate Alice, where they got see how words, images, sounds and movement all work together to create Alice’s story!

In Brenda Taulbee’s (Graduate Student, English and Comparative Literature) class, one of her students shared a personal project, an “Animated Meme,” which typically consist of an animated figure and music. Check out his awesome work:

When asked how her students were doing interpreting new styles of literature, Brenda said, “They had a lot of good questions and insights on Alice, and we brainstormed ways to replicate that sort of presentation with the tools at our disposal (PowerPoint, Prezi, Giphy, Snapchat, etc).”

Katie Chestnut (Graduate Student, Education) had an excellent week with her students as well, working hard to get them ready for their experiences with Twine in the upcoming weeks. She noted, “I get the impression that the students are super excited about the possibilities formats like Twine and Google Slides offer for storytelling. Everybody is quite eager to become familiar with the format and creative process of multimodal storytelling.”

This week, we will be getting all wrapped in Twine! Discover for yourself how simple it can be to create your very own electronic literature. Here’s a basic instructional video, just in case you get bit by the bug!