Things are really picking up speed! Week Two of the arc/DH@SDSU Electronic Literature Program saw our students diving deep into the world of Pentametron and exploring deep concepts about the nature of poetry and how poems are created. Students searched and delved into the Internet, using found images and pieces of text to create their own sonnets, digital blackout poems, and even a poem fashioned after a ransom letter—how cool is that?!

One of the greatest successes our students are seeing is in the freedom they are experiencing with their writing assignments. Katie Chestnut (Graduate Student, Education) couldn’t keep the smile from her face when she gushed about her students, saying “Each created a pretty amazing found poem…They are all very excited about next week!”

Brenda Taulbee (Graduate Student, English and Comparative Literature) was excited to relay that her students “… seemed engaged and also gobsmacked that they could create literally anything they wanted to.” Check out one of our students’ pieces below!

Next week we will explore the fantastical world of Inanimate Alice, where digital images, videos, sounds and text all interplay to create a unique and powerful sensory experience! Stay tuned for more student projects and updates in the comings weeks.

– Jared Zeiderss