Hello DH friends! The semester has begun and we know that you will undoubtedly want to flex those DH muscles in some of your upcoming projects. We know that money can be tight, and that not everyone has access to the same level of digital materials. So, in order to best aid you while you create and explore how the digital can elucidate your ideas, we have put together a list of FREE ALTERNATIVES to the Adobe suite of programs! Try out some of these incredible substitutes that will leave a little more cash in your pocket.

For drawing and design:

Instead of Photoshop, try GIMPshop

Instead of Lightroom, try Paint.net

Instead of Illustrator, try Inkscape

Instead of Indesign, try Canva or Scribus

For making pictures move:

Instead of Premiere, try Davinci Resolve

Instead of Animate/Flash, try Opentoonz or Blender

Instead of After Effects, try WaxBlender, or Fusion

For website building:

Instead of Dreamweaver, Spark, or XD, try WixWeebly, or WordPress.com

Other programs:

Instead of Audition, try Audacity

Instead of Acrobat Pro, try Foxit Reader or PDF Escape

If you need stock photos or fonts:

Instead of Adobe Stock, try Pexels, Unsplash, or Pixabay

Instead of Adobe Fonts, try Google Fonts or Dafont

Also try:

Blender– 3D modeling (Complex)

Sketchup– 3D modeling (Simple)

MagicaVoxel– 3D Modeling (Voxel/Brick)

Sculptris– 3D Modeling (Digital Clay Sculpting)

Google Blocks– 3D Modeling (in VR)

MakeHuman– 3d Modeling (Human Armature)

Krita– Digital Painting/Comics

Make8bitart– 8 bit Painter

Storyboarder– Storyboarding 

Unity– Video Game Engine

FungusUnity– Visual Novel Making (no code)

Twinery.org– Text-based game/storytelling

Musescore– Sheet Music Maker

Beepbox.co– 8-bit music maker

BFXR– Retro Video Game Effects Generator

OBS Studio– Sceen/Webcam recording

Streamlabs OBS– Livestreaming

Handbrake– Video/Audio converter

VLC Player– Video/Audio player

Dragonbones Pro or Synfig– 2D Animation

Pivot Animator– Stick Figure Animation

Stop Motion Studio– Stop Motion Animation

Anki– Flashcards

Coolors.co– Color Palette Generator

Make sure to follow along this semester for our critical inquiry series where we will examine some of the questions that we, as scholars and critical readers/makers of digital literature, need to be asking ourselves about the scholarship we encounter. 

Until next time, peace, love, and DH!

The Information for this post was pulled from social media posts produced by “Cullen” and “Ghost Malone (@scaredyghost).”